The BK9521/24 is a simplified solution for the wireless microphone market, relative to the BK9521/22, which can reduce the software development link, and the hardware circuit also simplifies the development of multiple industries, but does not support a variety of complex DIY product definitions.

Characteristics of launch Chip BK9521
1. Maximum transmit power: 16 dBm (V); 13 dBm (U)
2. Microphone gain adjustment range: 0 ~ 47.5 dB, 0.5 dB audio maximum input per step: 2 Vpp
3. Audio AGC and limited
4. GPIO indicating transmitted audio signal energy
Receiver chip BK9524 characteristic
1. Reception sensitivity:-96 dBm (V segment;-94 dBm (U segment)
2. Audio output gain adjustment:-15 ~ 6 dB, 3 dB
3. Audio maximum output per step: 1 Vpp
4. Radio frequency AGC and AFC
5. Special GPIO indicating receiving audio signal energy
6. Special GPIO indicating receiving and receiving synchronization status
7. Dual antenna diversity, antenna automatically selecting
BK9521/22 common parameter package:
1. QFN 4x4 32-Pin
2. Operating voltage: 2.8~4.2V
3. Working frequency: 160~270MHz (V); 500~980MHz (U)
4. Crystal frequency: 24.576 MHz, crystal adjustment range: +/-20 ppm
5. Digital modulation: pi/4 DQPSK; bandwidth: 300KHz;Transmission rate 204.8Ksps
6. Delay: delay from microphone input to audio output is less than 3ms (48 kHz sampling rate mode, no whistling function)
7. Audio signal-to-noise ratio: 96 dB,frequency response: 30 ~ 20 KHz
8. Special data channel: 7 kbps, internal CRC check, audio and data transmission using 32-bit encrypted word


Carla OK
Puller box/plazer
Bluetooth speakers
Television sets
Wireless audio transmission module (low delay)
Other speaker equipment

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