The BK9531/ BK9532 chip is a chip set for wireless high-quality voice transmission, which comprises a transmitting chip BK9531 and a receiving chip BK9532, wherein each chip covers the frequency range of 160~270 MHz and U The segment is 500~980 MHz. The BK9531/ BK9532 adopts the pi/ 4DQPSK digital modulation and high-performance audio ADC and the DAC, and the high-fidelity audio codec is matched with the very low-delay audio codec, so that the high-fidelity digital audio transmission can be applied to the visual singing, the stage performance and the teaching system. Since the BK9531/ BK9532 realizes the complete integration from the radio frequency to the base band on a single chip, the pressure expander is omitted, so that the size of the PCB can be remarkably reduced, the production reliability is greatly improved, and the system cost is reduced.

The transmission chip BK9531 features:
1. Maximum transmit power: 14 dBm (V) 10 dBm (U)
2. Microphone gain range: 0 ~47.5 dB, 0.5 dB / step
3. Audio AGC and limited radio frequency AGC and AFC
4. Special GPIO indicates transmit audio signal energy (GPIO3) synchronous state
5. Automatic noise suppression, support dual-frequency diversity transmitter, active / passive whistling, packet loss compensation mechanism
Receiver chip BK9532 characteristic:
1. Reception sensitivity:-96 dBm (V segment)-96 dBm (U segment) maximum
2. Support 6 antenna diversity, antenna automatic selection
3. Special GPIO indicating receiving audio signal energy, special GPIO indicating
4. Two segments of 7 tap digital reverberation, digital mute, 15 segments of digital audio balance, active / passive whistling, packet loss compensation mechanism
BK9531/32 common parameter:
1. Supports external PCM / IIS dual-mode digital audio interface (single and double channel) and 48k/32k/24k/12k audio sampling rate
2. Encapsulation: QFN 5x5 32-Pin
3. Recommended working voltage: 2.8V to 3.6V (low voltage can work to 2.2V, but performance will become worse)
4. Operating frequency: 160270V); 450 ~ 980 MHz (U)
5. Crystal frequency: 24.576 MHz, crystal adjustment range: +/-20 ppm
6. digital modulation mode: pi/4 DQPSK; Bandwidth occupied:<300 kHz;Transmission rate 204.8Ksps
7. Delay: input from the microphone to the audio output delay is less than 3 ms (48 kHz sampling rate mode and no anti-howling function is used)
8. Audio signal-to-noise ratio: 96 dB, frequency response: 30-20 kHz
9. 1-byte dedicated data channel: 7 kbps, internal CRC check, audio and data with 32-bit encrypted word transmission


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